Jaguar Diagnostics

If your Jaguar has a fault then we can resolve it.

As part of our extensive range of diagnostic equipment, we have the Autologic diagnostic tool and Jaguar SDD, and with over 30 years’ experience on Jaguar diagnostics we have developed a structured and methodical approach to testing. We are proud of our ability to solve challenging and complex problems, and our skill and knowledge will ensure a cost-effective solution. We are committed to accurately diagnosing and repairing your Jaguar in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We will discuss with you the approach that we would like to take with your particular problem, this will be based on the information you provide and also try to establish a budget that you are comfortable with for the diagnostic assessment. A realistic time and budget is usually between 1-2 hours, but depending on the complexity of the problem, it may take less time or we may need a little more time. After the agreed time we hope to have a solution for you, if not then our initial assessment will have helped us to formulate a clearer plan as to how to proceed. For us to identify the cause of a problem the symptoms need to be present during testing, unfortunately if a problem is intermittent it may not reveal itself during the course of our testing. Jaguars have complex layers of technology and sometimes multiple layers of testing and/or repairs may be required to solve the issues.

Please see our blog Our approach to diagnostics for a more in depth look at our diagnostic methods.