Jaguar Servicing

How we service your Jaguar

  • On every service at Nene Jag, your car receives a road test then gets raised on the ramp.
  • All wheels are removed and a comprehensive inspection of brakes, steering, suspension, tyres and exhaust is carried out.
  • The operation of lights, washers, horn, seatbelts, wipers, heater, and air conditioning system is checked, and all levels and pressures are checked and adjusted.
  • An engine flush is used prior to changing the oil and oil filter, and the service light is reset (if applicable).
  • A service checklist is completed, with a copy given to you and your service history will be updated either online or with a stamp in the service book.
  • We will also apply a service reminder sticker to the windscreen to help you keep track of the next service due.

If there are any items found during the inspection that require attention, we will discuss these with you, and you can be assured that no additional work is ever carried out without your prior authorisation.

This is our standard service. Other items such as air, fuel, pollen filters and spark plugs are changed at different intervals according to model and engine variant.

At Nene Jag Specialists, we accommodate models from 1990s to the present day. Your Jaguars Dealer warranty is not invalidated by having your car serviced outside of the dealer network.